Aram Ter-Zakaryan: Tackle the problems today

Aram Ter-Zakaryan, a 2004 alum of the Muskie exchange program who currently works as the environmental manager of UNDP Armenia, talks about his experience studying at Ball State University in Indiana and how he uses what he learned in his post at the UN. He describes the perceptions people have of environmentalism while highlighting the importance of addressing such issues sooner rather than later.

Ruben Mirakyan: From Fulbright to e-publishing

An alumnus of the U.S. Government’s Fulbright Program, Ruben Mirakyan returned to Armenia with new ideas, skills, and passions. Dr. Mirakyan’s time at UC Santa Barbara as a Fulbright Scholar allowed him to explore in-depth the topic of religious diversity [and to study a minority religion in a diverse country.].  The university’s religious studies department was the perfect match for Dr. Mirakyan’s scholarly interests.An associate professor in Yerevan State University’s Department of Arabic Studies, he also co-founded the Armenian eBooks Initiative, which already has digitized 60 books. Learn about his Fulbright experience and how his time in the U.S. deepened his academic expertise and gave him the chance to share his Armenian heritage with his host university.