EMEDS team talk cooperation, international and domestic, with ODC

To highlight Armenia’s military cooperation with the United States, we talk with Lieutenant Colonel Garnik Varosyan and Sergeant Aram Simonyan about Armenia’s Role II EMEDS unit. They speak about the history of their unit and the close cooperation with the United States’ Office of Defense Cooperation in the training and equipping of this unique capability. As well as highlighting their recent successes in multinational exercises, they talk about what the future holds for Armenia’s Role II EMEDS.

USAID: From aid to trade, part 3

We end our series on USAID’s 25 year history in Armenia by talking with USAID Armenia Mission Director Debbie Grieser about the past, present, and future of USAID Armenia. She speaks about how the organization originally provided humanitarian aid to a newly independent nation, but now is  working in a variety of sectors to support the development of trade between our two countries. And she looks beyond, into the future of USAID’s partnership with Armenia.

USAID: From aid to trade, part 2

We continue our celebration of the 25th anniversary of USAID’s mission to Armenia by looking at how today’s mission prioritizes developing Armenia’s economy and civil society to ensure it can take advantage of the global marketplace. In this episode we talk to one of USAID’s partners in this effort, Bagrat Yengibaryan, executive director of Enterprise Incubator Foundation, one of the largest technology business incubators and IT development agencies in the region, about the role IT does and can play in Armenia’s development.